About Us
At Snakefella Wildlife Rescue, we pride ourselves on caring and helping our wildlife, whether it be in or outside a residence or on the side of the road. We rescue all of Australia's native wildlife that inhabit the coastal Town of Townsville, Queensland, all the way to the small towns around Ingham, 120 km's North of Townsville. Whether it be Reptiles, Birds, Kangaroo's or Wallabies and everything in between.
In 2019, our snake relocation and rescue for injured, sick or abandoned animals racked up over 4,000 km's. This figure was just getting the animals. We estimate that another 4500 to 5000 km's getting all these animals to veterinarian or specialist carers.
Within Queensland, Australia, we hold Permits, are trained on certain animals and are currently paying for drugs, antiseptics, milk, personal vaccines for animal born diseases and other much needed resources from our own pockets. 
We do not have a fee for saving wildlife and rightly so, not just because it's required but if it's on the road or in a public space, who would report it if it cost money, but call outs for Townsville and surrounding areas is a fuel and resource heavy love of ours especially when the animals we take in are sick, injured or too young to fend for themselves.